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August 8th, 2008


Friday!! 08:19 am
And a dark and rainy one, to boot! :whee: We need the rain, so it's good. I didn't need the water in my garage, so that's bad, but the plumber is coming out after lunch, which is good. So...this day is mostly good. :grin:

The water softener split a pipe again. It appears that cheap-ass PVC was used when it was originally installed (figures), but my plumber will get it fixed right up. (He's a good plumber - I should have used him to begin with and we could have avoided all this....but, live and learn). Sweet Geek believes in paying professionals to do the work instead of attempting it himself...so, that's good.

I can't recommend Zales enough - I took a ring in for resizing on Tuesday, and picked it back up last night. Quality work, prices good.....so, there's that.

The fence guy got all the t-posts on the boy's side pulled yesterday, and will be putting in the wood posts and resetting the t-posts today. He'll give the concrete 24 hours to set, then he'll run the wire. He wanted to be done tomorrow...don't see how *that'll* happen, but we'll see.

3 eggs last night - someone's slacking. :grin: The other 16 need to get to laying.....:lol:
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