August 13th, 2008

M15M: POTO - Hide ring

Something I've been mulling over....

I read a few chrischun mommy-blogs (shock! gasp! :giggle:), and something's come up lately that I've been thinking about. (Yes, Virginia, sometimes I *do* actually think about things...:snicker:) The subject: Joy!

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:whew: That's off my chest now......I gotta go. Gotta get some stuff done so I can enjoy my lunch date today! :wink: (Yep. I'm Happy today! :snicker:)
Dr Horrible: Cpt Tightpants


Lunch was delish! We hit the Greek Grill near my office...yummy, yummy stuff! Boss got upset that we went "upscale", but y'know what? She can deal with it. :grin:

The lamb was superb, the roasted chicken's on our Must Go Back list.
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