August 14th, 2008

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

They say they come in 3's....

So. Let's see: 1) Water Softner bursts a pipe 2) Horses get out and go roaming 3) My washer decides last night to lose it's spin cycle and burn up the belt. Fun stuff! :grin:

Gotta laugh - it won't change things to be upset over it, and laughing might just make me feel better. Besides, I just renewed the warranty on the washer....:lucky!: (In reference to yesterday's post - nope, not happy about this AT ALL, but I am still joyful. Just sayin')

The fence guys were there an hour and a half yesterday, and got all the t-posts on the "outside" of my property set. I'm impressed! I'm hoping they get the boys secured by this weekend, but I'm not holding my breath - one of his crew cut his hand and needed mucho stiches :owie!: (Ummm...not on my property - on the previous job.)

5 eggs yesterday - and one of the Americunas (easter egger!) is starting to show signs of getting ready to lay. :whee: Hopefully we'll have blue/green/pink eggs soon!

Not much else.....