August 18th, 2008

SW: Obi 'Another Happy Landing'

busy weekend...again

:grin: This one was a bit more laid-back than usual, but not by much. Short, though...

Saturday: Went to see Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I HATE the animation - HATE HATE HATE it. Storyline was OK, obviously the pilot for the TV series, but OK. Cute, even - I like Ahoska, she's feisty. :grin: The kids loved it, so that's good. Got 7 eggs. Watched Bourne Identity after dropping the kids off at G'ma's.

Sunday: Photos. Some housework. Sweet Geek has lost his truck keys :horror!: so we searched for them (no luck :sigh:) Watched 4 episodes of ST: TNG season 3, and the Pilot of Stargate:Atlantis. The kids are now into that...:lol:

So...busy, but more laid-back than usual. Today is rainy, so will hopefully be laid-back here, too.