August 29th, 2008

Calvin: Toilet

It's Friday....

:huh: The waterbed has sprung a leak. Not a big one, no - there's about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water in the top right corner of the bed, inside the liner (so - it's contained). *I* have no clue how it happened, nor do I know how to patch it (I don't think I have a patch kit, come to think of it).

No big deal - Sweet Geek doesn't like waterbeds, so we were already looking to replace it - eventually. :grin: To replace the mattress for now...well, first off I don't know where a waterbed store *is*; secondly, 4 years ago I bought this one, and it was $90. So...I decided to hunt for a mattress - just for now.

I went on Queen waterbed mattresses right now (except for soft-sided..which won't work with my normal waterbed. So, we need a regular mattress. Queen (which, honestly - I don't know that it'll fit in my frame..I need to measure) sets are going for $100-ish right now...but there's very few listed.

and found a complete Queen Sized bedroom SET for $300. *IF* it's still available, we'll be picking it up this weekend. Good excuse to clean the bedroom, huh? :grin:

I'm hoping this set is available - it comes with the bed (complete with mattress and box spring), 2 nightstands, all the bedding (including pillows!) AND a small entertainment center. The kids need a new stand for their, this'll work *great*.

JUST FOUND OUT - the set is OURS! Sweet Geek is going to pick it up at 2; all we need to do is get the bed drained and we're good to go. :happy dance: