September 1st, 2008

Disney: L&S Caffeine

"Labor" Day...

is aptly named. It's all we did today....labor. :grin:

Started with the deck; it's almost finished. We just have 1 more section to put the lattice up on. :huzzah!: While Sweet Geek was laboring out in the hot sun, I was rebooting the laundry...when the stupid clothes rod fell....and the shelf started to bend. :sigh: So, we made a quick run to Home Despot and picked up 1 cabinet, 1 shelf, and a new rod. We'll get the other cabinet next payday. It looks good, but unfinished. :lol:

I also worked on my room a still has 1 problem corner, but the rest of it is good to go.

This is all fit, though - Elul started. It's a month of putting your house in order, your relationships, etc. I just hadn't planned on jumping in feet first! :grin: