September 2nd, 2008

Disney: L&S Punish friends

Glad to be back at work!

I'm getting to rest a bit!

Need to completly redo the front room - the new entertainment center? Is over 6' tall and about 3.5' wide. :boggle: Solid knotty pine...and it's MUCH larger than the rinky-dink one I had in there. Fun stuff.....

We'll be repainting the bedroom soon....I'm on the hunt for new curtains, and I'm knitting doilies (:gasp: Yes, me - knitting Doilies! The world IS coming to an end! :lol:) in a nice burgundy for the nightstands - the walls will be a soft mossy green and the trim will be cream. It'll look fantastic with the new bedroom suite.

Not much else to report...