September 4th, 2008

Disney: L&S Dance with me

Blah de blah de blah

It's Thursday, it's overcast, and it's Blah. :grin: Can't have everything, I guess.

Let's see...Fence is done. I have 2 very pissed off horses, who can no longer roam the property like a press gang (the ringleader was apprehended Monday, and has "no comment" on the situation. :snicker:) It looks fantastic - a well-built fence is indeed a thing of beauty.

Kids: School is going well. Himself tested at a 5th grade reading/comprehension level (he just started 3rd grade) and his vocabulary is in the 97th percentile. Herself has a 85 average thus far (she's only lost 2 assignments, but turned them in the next day). :huzzah: This year is starting off well!

Elul: Have the bedroom almost finished. Just have the 1 corner to problem there is figuring out what to do with all the fabric. :contemplates: Then I move on to the front room - I have the old TV stand emptied, and the new entertainment center filled, I just need to get the old one out, get rid of the waterbed, and tidy. The only room that'll be left is my studio.....*that* will take about 2 days. If I'm lucky. Then I get to start on cleaning up my relationships........

Speaking of the bedroom, I had started a doily in the Frost Flower pattern...I lost track of where I was last night and had to frog it. It was a blessing, though - I went online, did some random googling, and found a celtic knot chart that'll be Fan-freaking-tastic on the nightstands. :grin: I've already CO and started that...:grin:

Only 11 eggs yesterday...somebody's slacking. :lol:
Disney: L&S Dance with me

Almost forgot...

OH! I forgot to mention, because I am blonde :grin:....

For the past 3 months, we have been calling and complaing to the the water co. about a leak on *their* side of the meter. The last time this happened was back in...April, I believe, and the company left a HUGE mess - ruts and piles of dirt in front of my fence. It was so bad that I had a hard time mowing out there - the mower would get stuck.

SO....anyway, about 3.5 months ago, we noticed standing water in the ruts. We called (correction: SWEET GEEK called, because he's just that way. :grin:), and were told "Fine. We'll get out there sometime to check it." *3* months, people. 3 months I have had standing water, and my water bill has gone from $52/month to *$130/month* (and..I don't waste water. We are in a drought, so I am Very Very careful about watching the water). :sigh:

We'd finally had enough, so Tuesday Sweet Geek called them back - and the lady HUNG UP ON HIM. Oh, no - THAT was unacceptable. He called the Texas State Water Commission. I don't know what was said...but yesterday? I came home to a large mud lolly in front of my house. Apparantly, there was a leak at the meter (ya think??) and they had to replace a pipe. They also smoothed out the ruts...:grin:

We'll see what my bill is this month - I suspect they have been charging me for the last repair, but can't prove it (my bill went from $50/month to $70-ish/month), so hopefully this'll have taken care of it and my bill will go back down to a more realistic amount.