September 10th, 2008

Dr Horrible: Sarcasm

I *so* love technology!

And yes, the icon IS appropriate. :grin:

I debated long'n'hard before succumbing to my iPhone. I looked at all the models that AT&T had on display; the Blackberry (screen too small, not impressed with the keyboard), the LG VU (the "keypad" was the 3-letters-per-key type - HATE IT, and it wasn't very intuitive; plus, it's more for videos/games and stuff - did you know that you can watch TV on a LG VU? :lol:), a couple of Palm models (again, teeny-tiny screen)....the iPhone won hands-down for user interface, screen that you can enbiggen (why, yes, that IS too a word! It makes much more sense than "enlarge", too...), nice apps....

It is a bit weird that I have to sync it with iTunes every few weeks, but hey - I can do that. It's not a huge problem.

What IS a problem, however, is that, so far, every "update" I have downloaded has screwed up the functionality of my phone. The last one? Lost my email capability. IS a phone, but it sure is nice to be able to check your email on the fly. (Ditto the 'net capabilities). I mean, I don't USE it that often; what I do is check to see how many emails have piled up, then I go to a laptop/desktop and read 'em there (larger screen - even enbiggened, the iPhone screen is still 2"x3", which means scroll-city). Ever since the update on 8/30, my phone hasn't been able to find my email boxes. :sigh:

I found a troubleshooting site that has all sorts of hints and tips and stuff.....I found out that this was a common problem and the solution was to turn OFF the phone. :duh: Why didn't I think of that? :grin:

It seems to be working now - it fetches my yahoo mail promptly, but it still doesn't seem to recognize my AOL mail (shut up. I've had that account since 1996, and am too entrenched to dump it now. It's free, thanks to DSL, and..well, I don't do change very well.)

Supposedly there's a new update due out this weekend....and SUPPOSEDLY they have fixed the glitches the last update caused. (Like....the sudden battery consumption. Before the update, I could go 2.5 days or so without recharging (unless I hit the 'net - surfing sucks battery power); now I have to recharge :sigh:

Still, all-in-all I am happy with the phone. It moves seamlessly between Edge, 3G and WiFi, the GPS is pretty accurate (oh, yeah - I *need* that on my phone. Seriously - I get lost in a closet!), and, again, the phone is pretty intuitive. They just need to get their updates straightened out! (The fix on the battery suckage will be nice, too, if it's really gonna happen. If not, oh well - I'll go buy a car charger and run with it.)
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