October 1st, 2008

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Happy Birthday!

A quick shout out to my brother, itsjames2u! You get your own post! :grin: Sorry it's a day late.......but you got to share your birthday with Rosh Hashanna!

May the coming year be sweet and fruitful!
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Happy Wednesday!

R-H was great - we had fish, with carrots, salad, wine, challah bread and lemon-apricot cake. Yum! The fish didn't last 5 minutes (I'll post the "receipe" in a bit), and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The hike to the pond was nice....the kids had gathered a LOT of rocks (guess who got to carry them? :grin:), and Zoey seemed to enjoy pulling Himself around. We found a LARGE frog in the pond...I had to insist the kids NOT hit it with the rocks. :lol: We all tossed in our "sins", then hiked back to the house.

Had a wonderful lunch today - we hit the bookstore and I got a couple of books on Aspergers. One was recommended to me (The "Out-of-Sync Child"), the other was on Parenting Children with ASD. Both look to be interesting...we'll see.

Has anyone else actually calculated their increase in grocery/gas prices? I did this morning. A few months ago, I was paying (per month) $300 in groceries and $150-ish in gas. Last month? *$600* in groceries and $350 in gas. :blink: Whoa. And last month wasn't a "restock" month, it was a regular "buy what we're gonna eat now" month. :sigh:

Back to work for me......
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Easy-Peasy Fish

This is *super* easy, and seems to be a crowd-pleaser! I've done it twice now, once with Tilapia, and once with Orange Roughy. Fantastic both times!


Fish (I get at least 1 fillet per person) - any type seems to work
Saltine Crackers
Spices (I use Penzeys.....any of their blends will work)
4 Tbls butter
1 Cup (or so) Parmesean Cheese

Preheat your oven to 550*. (No, that's NOT a typo!) Take a handful of Saltine Crackers, put them in a large Ziplock baggie, and turn the kids loose with them. You want them nice and crumbly. (I guess you could use bread crumbs). Add the cheese and spices (our current favorite is Tuscan Sunset and a dash of garlic) and pepper, and shake-shake-shake the bag until it's well-mixed. Melt the butter.

Dip the fillet in the butter, drop it in the baggie, and shake 'er up. When you get all the fillets on the cookie sheet, sprinkle the left-over cracker mixture on them - I also add more cheese.

Pop in the oven for 10 minutes or so. You can put the broiler on for 5 minutes at the end (for a total of 15 minutes in the oven) if you want, but I've never found it necessary.

Serve, but don't get in the way of hungry folks...this just flys off of the table!
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