October 5th, 2008

Dr Horrible: Fangirl


First, the "bad" news (depends on your point of view - let me say up front that I am *relieved* at this!) : My boss has decided (per my coworker) that she "can't take the stress" much longer", she "can't trust us" and doesn't want "to hear us complain about our Financial Advisor/contract work/whatever". The last is the funniest part - SHE was complaining about the Financial Advisor just a week so ago. :sigh:

I know what she's doing - she's trying to build a case so *SHE'S* not the bad guy (salving her conscience, IOW - but she doesn't have one) when she gets rid of us BEFORE Christmas (so she doesn't have to pay out bonuses - which we have EARNED, but I digress). Whatever - the Lord will provide, and I'm not worried. I just want to say, for the record, that she's *really* showing her true colors...and she professes to be a "chrischun" (And, yeah - she is so devout.....:snerk:)

ANYWAY.....we got a lot accomplished this weekend. I got half of the pond in the front yard dug out - Finn started it; the basic shape is what he dug out while pacing back and forth in the round pen - it'll be about 2' deep when all is said and done. We picked up about $100 worth of plants from Sweet Geek's house (his aunt has been rooting a whole bunch of stuff for us) and got most of them in the ground. We pulled a huge cockleburr out of the Zoey-monster's back paw....did laundry....rebooted the kombucha (YES! My SCOBY is alive and doing well!! :whee:) AND have 2 breadmakers going. Busy, busy, busy!

Now, we are watching the Cowboys. And Himself is playing video games. Sweet Geek is playing with Himself's Bionicles, and Herself is painting....something in her room. :grin: