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October 6th, 2008


Rainy days and Mondays... 09:49 am
are about the same. :snicker:

New work rules: NO COMPLAINING about ANYTHING, or we're fired. Can't complain at the work going on downstairs (Lots of banging/jackhammering/noise), can't complain about the weather, can't complain about the economy......none. NADA. :sigh: This is gonna be *fun*...

She's not in this AM - I think she thought about what she said and needs to gather her courage to come in.

Me? Don't really care. I'm fed up (Ooops - that's a complaint. Pink Slips are headed this way!) with all the stupid games we have to play to stay on her good side. :sigh:

How 'bout dem Cowboys? :grin:

Got 16 eggs yesterday......at least most of the girls are earning their keep.

At least the rain will soften the dirt around the pond I'm digging. :look on the brightside:
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