October 15th, 2008

Firefly: Jayne hacking Simon's LJ

It's Wednesday!

Which means the week is half over! No lunch date today, though - we're taking Ms boss out for Boss's Day :ugh: I'd rather do lunch with Sweet Geek...but we'll do that tomorrow.

Herself "caught" an egg last night - the Australorp laid it right in her palm. She was thrilled over that! :grin:

Bottled the first "real" batch of Kombucha Sunday evening, and put 1 of the resulting 6 bottles in the fridge this morning. (I bottled it, added some fruit - 1 blueberry, 1 grape, 1 raspberry, and 3 cherry - then let it sit out for a 2nd fermentation. It's supposed to increase the fizz - it was *plenty* fizzy when I bottled it, though!). I'll try it tonight (it's one of the cherry ones) - if it's good, I'll refridgerate the others. I have another batch going - the SCOBY is doing great. 1 "baby", with another forming. :blink: I really, really hope it tastes good - I'm tired of spending $3+ on the stuff! (Oh, and, umm..upon rereading this...I didn't put only 1 of each fruit in the bottles :grin:. There's at least 3 of each; the blueberry bottle has like 9. Just to clarify.)

Today's payday, so I need to make out a grocery list. Won't shop tonight - have to hit the bank - but I will tomorrow. Money's tight - when is it not? - so I'll hit the dreaded Thrallmart. Yes, they buy from China. They also have the lowest prices around - their ground meat is (or was, last week) $1/lb *cheaper* than the local grocery. I.....can't do that. :sigh: Not when I need to restock the freezer. :sigh: No yogurt maker this time....maybe next payday. :bigger sigh: