October 22nd, 2008

fiber: AA Norwegian Wheel

Just a quickie...

Himself LOVES his new bike. LOVES it. Sweet Geek and I picked it up at lunch yesterday, and I got to haul it home...it barely fit in the Jeep. It's HeAvY, too - the motor makes it so. Still - Himself LOVES it. If I get a chance today, I'll upload a photo or 2 (what? I'm not supposed to take pics of my kids? :grin:)

Back up to 12 eggs - Whee! We had traffic jams last night - the kids didn't finish their grilled cheese sandwiches, so I thought the hens would like them. They did....and it was hysterical! Hens sliding into each other, broadsiding each other, bouncing off of the fence...too, too funny. :lol:

Today was SS day...or, as I call it, $$ exchange day. I started off with $20 in the bank.....SS got deposited, and I wrote bills. I now have ($53) in the bank. And 4 bills that still need to be paid. :sigh: SS cut the kids $200 EACH.....:blech: Yes, it'll go back up in a month or 2 ("Ooops! We miscalculated! Starting NEXT month, you'll go back up! :sigh:) - they do this at least once a year, so I'm used to it, but it does make things hard. I'm not complaining - Steve worked hard to put that money in- and I don't feel bad in accepting it because of that, but you'd think they'd be able to do basic accounting...wait. This is the gummit we're talking about here. 'Nuff said. :bangs head on wall:

Because *I* work, I can't draw on Steve. I'm cool with that...but they penalize the kids because of *me*. If I'd stay home on my ass, I could draw $800/month....never mind. I can't think like that.

Anyway, it's supposed to become "Fall" today....cooler temps (it's already in the 80's...isn't that Cool??? :lol:) and rain. We need the rain....we really do, but we need it more in the Spring. :lol:

Must run!