October 26th, 2008

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Virtual tour of Barker Glen

I decided to copy Anna and do a virtual tour of the Homstead...but I don't know how to use the video function on my camera...so, you get a photo tour instead. :grin:

The photos were taken this morning, after we cleaned up a bit...it's still not perfect, but I don't mind sharing. We're doing a LOT of yard work - there will be a gazebo in the front yard, near the pond we are currently digging out, and a greenhouse in the backyard. Plus plants...oi, the plants we have to get in the ground!

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Well, there you go - our Homestead. We call it Barker Glen for obvious reasons..:grin:

I was *supposed* to be weaving right now - the Cowboys are playing...instead, well, I wanted to get the photos posted. :lol: