November 5th, 2008

Firefly: Sudden Betrayal

It's Wednesday...

which means *I* have a lunch date! :grin:

Leah is doing well. She has NO CLUE what reins are, might be because I am too short to properly apply them from the ground (she's a BIG girl!), but neck reining....not so much. Direct (ie: English) reining...sorta. So, she's been handled a LOT, and worked with some, but..I am revising my opinion of her being ridden. We'll see....

The washing machine died - again - and Sears is once again on the way out. :sigh: In August, it was the, it seems to be the agitator - we have NO spin cycle. Thank goodness for warranties!

Am comparison-shopping for Sweet Geek's horse prezzie.....prices are ALL over the board - so much so, I had to set up a spreadsheet to keep track (yes, I am an accounting geek, why do you ask? And yes, it IS color-coded :grin:). I am surprised to see that prices haven't gone up *that* much in the grooming aids department - I can get him a full kit for around $30, which is what it was years or so ago (the last time I can remember replacing ALL my brushes. :whew:)

Must go post a (32 page) check now - fun times!