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November 10th, 2008


Semper Fi! 11:00 am
Today is the Marine Corps' Birthday! So, Happy Birthday to all Marines, currently serving or not!

And....as of today, I have A new MottoCollapse )
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Something funny happened... 05:43 pm
at the JP's office. See, *I* thought there was this law: Separation of chruch and State. Sweet Geek thought so, too....but, apparantly, the JP hasn't *heard* of this. :snicker: We made our vows in God's name, we had a prayer, and ta-da! We were Mr. and Mrs. Geek! :lol:

Oh, and after the JP took photos for us, he shook our hands, then told us to be sure to vote for him in 2 years. :rotflmao:
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