November 13th, 2008

Dr. Horrible: Hammer Tingling

Whoa, Nelly!

:grin: So, I rode Leah last night. We made it home before dark, the round pen was dry(ish), she was clean(ish) I ran inside, changed to my (only) pair of breeches and boots, grabbed the saddle; Sweet Geek changed to jeans and grabbed the girth, then we both went outside.

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In non-equine news, I am up to the thumb gusset on the new fingerless mitt. For my records, here are the stats:

CO 36. 2x2 rib = 4", K=.5". Thumb gusset to 8 *12* stitches.

That's the "pattern" so far. I'll put the thumb stitches on a holder, CO 2, and K until I reach the base of my fingers, then divide for those. On the ring finger, I'm going to put a slot for my engagement ring...I haven't quite figured that out yet, but I'm leaning towards a double YO, slipped the next row, then dec the following. We'll see.....(if you don't knit, just ignore this, OK? It's really NOT a foreign language :lol:)

Paid for Dusty's blanket last night, and hopefully it'll ship today. Since it's "local", I should get it tomorrow (UPS ground is next day within most of Texas). Of course, now Sweet Geek has decided HIS horse needs a blanket (she's what - 7? In decent (if thin) shape? Yeah....she *needs* a blanket! :snicker:), so....I am on the hunt for a 78. In green. :lol: