November 14th, 2008

Disney: Jessica Rabbit

It's Friday..

Ms boss is going out of town on Monday (hopefully - I just found out she's "sick".....), so today'll probably be busy. Fun stuff....

Bottled this batch of kombucha Wednesday evening. Got 7 bottles, + 1 spaghetti sauce bottle (hey - I ran out of the regular bottles...this was all I had left!) - and I had enough left to fill at least 1 more spaghetti bottle, with 1 cup or so remaining. I like the dispenser, but the spigot runs kinda slow.

Played with Magic last night - she took the surcingle well, with no fight. I sacked her out with my sweatshirt, and she didn't spook or freak - so that's good. If I could just find my side reins again (I found them, put them in the front room, and now they're missing. Again. :sigh:), I could get serious about getting her ridable.

Need to get with Sweet Geek to arrange Turkeyday.....his dad wants us *there*, his brother wants us *there*, y'know...we need to get the schedule worked out. Fun, fun fun! :grin:

Found a bunch of Wyandottes on Craig's list....need to get the 2nd coop built so I can acquire some. These are the silver-laced ones...very, very pretty! I just can't cram any more hens into the current coop. :grin:

Dusty's blanket is on the truck and out for delivery! Whoo-hoo! Especially since the temps are supposed to drop tonight from 75* to 61*...with a low near 38* tonight. :shiver: His old one is functional, but has a huge tear in it that duck tape can't handle. I can't wash it (to make the tape maybe stick better) because the insulation would, yeah, he needs a new blankie.

Off to get the checks ready to go...