November 17th, 2008

Disney: L&S Dance with me

Monday, Monday...

and the boss is leaving on a jet plane....for *2* weeks! :yee haw: *ahem*

Herself spent a few hours yesterday catching grasshoppers for the chickens. Too funny - she'd get 10 or so in a glass jar, go into the run, and dump 'em out. The hens went *nuts*. Nuts, nuts, Nuts - chasing, and catching, and fighting over the bug, and running off to eat it, and dropping it, and..:grin:

I sat on Magic last night - she remembers, sorta, what the whole riding deal is, but....she's gonna be a handful, I think. Next up: Finn. :boggle: Should be fun.

Wrist is worse - it's swollen, and noticably colder than the right one. :sigh: I went thru my LJ - back in Jan 05(ish), my doc told me so long, nothing else he can do....and the doc that did the EEG (or whatever) told me that the temp difference was due to nerve damage. :sigh: Now what?

Ah, well - there's nothing I can do about that for the moment. I guess I need to break it again...:evil grin: Oh, Finn.....:snicker:

Off to hunt for Sweet Geek a helmet....