November 18th, 2008

Dr Horrible: Sarcasm


Let's hope I don't get lost in the LJ server move....we'll see. (ETA: I downloaded LJArchive, and have my journal all backed up...just in case. :grin:

Vet coming out to check out Leah - Sweet Geek wants to be sure she's OK. :grin:

Not much else's early, and I'm exhausted. Hopefully, Starbuck's will revive me.....
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Dr Horrible: Fangirl

Whee! We're back!

Apparantly, anyway! And all my entries are here! (Of course...since I spent an hour this AM backing them all up! :grin:)

Vet came; Leah is as healthy as :snicker: NOT preggers, at least, not that he can tell. She'd just be 4 months or so, though - so it might be a bit early, but he thinks No. She needs about 150 pounds (I Told Him So! :lol:), but - she's sweet, healthy, and a nice horse.

Herself's psych evaluation is tomorrow....looking forward to *that*. Then we get to meet my insurance agent - we're adding a homeowner's policy, and Sweet Geek to the auto, and...yeah. Should be fun. :snicker:

Gotta stuffs to do!