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November 24th, 2008


Monday, Monday... 09:16 am
and I'm happily sipping a Starbuck's hot chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmm, good - especially the way *my* barista's make them - they call this the "Extra Sinful" version. 8-10 pumps of chocolate, 4 vanilla.....xtra whip, mmmmmmmmmmm. :grin:

Himself rode Dusty BY HIMSELF last night. (Herself wasn't interested). My helmet is a bit loose, but better than nothing. He can walk, halt, and back by himself...pretty good for an 8 year old who just now is showing an interest. The DSM* and I agree that we need to go back to the consignment store to pick up a battered old saddle for his use (Herself can use my other saddle - it's in terrific shape, a bit too small for me, but she's got long legs. It'll work great for her - Himself is a bit too short yet for either of my saddles, and I don't want them in a Western saddle until they learn to ride without using a horn for balance.) Still need to get 'em both helmets, though...

Sweet Geek rode Leah by himself for a bit, too - they're coming along. I'm trying really hard to not to go all riding-instructor on him; he's not gonna show, just ride around. :grin:

Work is dead this week....nothing really going on, and we get to leave at noon on Wednesday. Fun, fun stuff.....I'll be googling for a center-stone for our sidewalk - Sweet Geek has decided we need a stone with Celtic Knotwork for the "pivot point" of the pattern. :grin:

Not much else going on...

*Dear Sweet Man
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I'm bored... 01:19 pm
The contract work that we do that is due TODAY can't be done, because the other office hasn't done their portion yet..so I'm Bored. :sigh:

I need egg receipes - my hens are working overtime. We're averaging 14 eggs/day...and are eating maybe 6 eggs/day. I have.....well, 8 or 9 dozen in the refridgerator as of this morning - but the hens are working today, too. (And....I can give away maybe 18 to my coworker, and Mom'll take a dozen or so...but that still leaves me with a surplus.) Fun stuff! :grin:

Bottled the kombucha last night - all cherry. 3 spaghetti bottles worth, plus 5 drink bottles. Then rebooted it. We need to get to drinking it more! :grin:

Herself's doctor went ahead and upped her to a full dose. Saturday she was still pretty much all over the place; yesterday she was almost "normal". We're still having meltdowns, but not as bad as Thursday and Friday (non-medicated....:ugh:) The Adderall had helped her control them - pretty much - but the half dose of Vyvance was doing NOTHING. (The reason for the switch? Adderall has "rebound" after 12 hours; Vyvance supposedly doesn't. The doc would like her to be in control for school AND home, thankyouverymuch.) Her next visit is mid-December - we'll probably be dealing with the sleeplessness problem then. (We didn't want to change both meds at the same time). I'm anxious to see how she does at school.

Speaking of, Mom went in on Thursday to drop off the doctor's note (I forgot to put it in Herself's backpack). The counsellor was in, so she stepped in for a chat - the upshot is that there will be a weekly meeting between the councilor and all Herself's teachers, they will keep us in the loop, and they will work harder to help Herself stay focused (Good Luck with That! :lol:) We'll see how this works...

Himself spent last week totally cleaning his room - it's pretty much spotless, except for the train table. THAT is a disaster...but the rest of the room is so nice, I can't complain. He has volunteered to help his sister with her disaster area...but she's not going for it. (Aspie's HATE change - HATE it. Cleaning her room = big change, and she can't cope. :sigh:) I'm hoping she'll accept the help while he's still willing to do it....

Well, I've blathered enough - back to websurfing! :grin:
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