December 10th, 2008

SW: Yoda Santa

Happiness is....

waking up in a nice, warm bed, listening to the wind rage outside. Bonus points if the smell of fresh bread is wafting thru the house. (Breadmaker + timer for the win!)

We got the *cutest* egg's small. VERY small. Like....barely half an inch in length small. And chocolate colored. This means that one of the last non-laying holdouts is now on the laying team. And, it's one of the Ameracunas. :lol:

The RH loom is warped; I sleyed/threaded the heddle and wound it on in about an hour last night. Himself is happily weaving away on it....the placemats will be bright and cheerful. :grin:

It's cold and blustery out - 31*, with a Northerly wind at 25 MPH. :brrrrrr:

Off to sip my Hot's a nice way to warm up here at the office.