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December 15th, 2008


Monday Morning blues... 08:06 am
or, greys. Since it went from 80* to 32* in 12 hours last night. :grin: Looks like snow this morning - and, in fact, I did drive thru a wee bit of it on my way to work.

Demo last night went well. Apparantly, spinning is a dead/dying art :snort: and weaving- oi! Weaving is too hard and too time-consuming and - hey, he's HOW OLD???? *8*??? And he is TEACHING other kids how to weave?????? :snicker: Yeah, it went well. Both kids taught weaving - Herself on an inkle loom, Himself on the Rigid Heddle. They enjoyed themselves - and that's what counts. I spun for about 2.5 hours, on ONE (1) batt. Yup, it's froghair. The bobbin is almost full, and I still have not quite half the batt left. :boggle:

Lunch today at Dean Fearing's. :sigh: I am NOT looking forward to this - I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Ms boss has something planned, I'm sure - why else take us plebes to a 5-star restaurant? Especially since she's "Broke". (Wish I had her money problems, I really do. Never mind me...I'm just worried about making my property tax payment this year.)

Need to make an MRI appointment......:sigh:
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Ugh... 03:31 pm
Just got back from Lunch. Dean Fearing's Restaurant. 4-Star. The bill for 4 was $182.......and, I have to say, it was NOT worth it.

I had chicken-fried lamb chops. With Green Bean casserole. Sounds....interesting, yes? I mean - who doesn't like green-bean casserole? I *love* it....or did. This? Ugh.....he put in Wasabi. In green-bean casserole. And the lamb chops? Chicken-fried sounded interesting...but there are NO chili peppers left in Dallas. :shudder:

The rest of the meals were just as...interesting. Dr. Pepper Short Ribs? Looked/tasted like BBQ Pot Roast. (Yeah....it was supposedly just as nasty as that sounds).

I guess I'm just not rich enough to appreciate this type of cuisine. :blech:
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