December 17th, 2008

Calvin: Faces

Wednesday blues....

at least I have a lunch date to look forward to. :grin:

Let's see...I forgot to note that my dishwasher died Monday. Dead, dead, DEAD - the arm that is (supposed to be) attached to the top rack, that spins and sprays water FELL OFF. Broke. I called Sears - thank goodness for warranties! - but the earliest they can come out is MONDAY, the 22nd. :sigh: I can hand-wash dishes, although it's kinda hard with a brace on my wrist, but....that's what Sweet Geek is for. :evil grin:

Also, the septic system compressor is dead, and HAS to be replaced. (I...didn't realize my septic system HAD a compressor, so to find out it's dead (and only 5 years old) is....well, odd.)

Good (sorta) news: We ARE getting bonuses this year (huzzah!), but it's not much more than what we got last year. Now, I am NOT greedy - I am *very* grateful that I am getting enough to pay my taxes and do a little work around the house, but.......considering Ms. boss got $700K (no, that's NOT a mis-type) in TAX-FREE distributions this year, PLUS a large bonus, PLUS her salary....ummm, yeah. Little bit bitter here. She claims what she pays us is "more than sufficient".....right. Consider: we (co-worker and I) haven't gotten a raise since 2001. Cost of Living has increased at LEAST 12.5% THIS YEAR alone (gas prices/groceries/clothing/ I really need to spell it out?).....and we get a 2% (barely) increase in our bonus. That we will be paying taxes on (20%). Yeah. Bitter, party of one......:sigh: Also consider that Ms. boss is oh-so-chrischun........Bitter, your table is ready!. :bigger sigh:

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Friday starts our Winter Holidays - we're off until Jan 5. We have to come in the morning of Dec 22, to get some contract work done - but it never takes that long; I'll be outta here by noon. Got a lunch date, then a MRI.....:whee: