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December 22nd, 2008


Real Quickie... 07:15 am
At work for the moment - we're off, yes, but we have contract work that *has* to be done, so...here we are. :grin:

Eye is OK - dry, but not hurting. :whew: Wrist......yeah. Glad the MRI is today, much as I hate 'em.

Got 11 eggs last night - not bad, seein's how it never got above 40* yesterday. It's 24* now....:brrrrrrrr: According to Yahoo weather (LOVE my iPhone, I really do!) it's going to hit 35* today, then 58* and rain tomorrow. We'll see....

Fatality wreck this AM going in. :sigh: Bad time of year for it.....looks like the guy rolled his truck - going UP the on-ramp. :shakes head: The ME hadn't arrived when we were driving by....

Ugh. Better go get the stuff done so I can leave. I have a lunch date, then the MRI. :chop chop: :lol:
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