December 23rd, 2008

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

I'm here!

Survived the MRI...barely. Good thing it was only 30 minutes....I was just about to go into a full-blown panic attack when the nurse pulled me out. :sigh: Got a set of prints off of it for the doc, so that's good (and....MRI prints look weird. :grin:)

Today, I got my SS card and my DL changed to Mrs., that's good. It only took 2 hours total, too (and that included driving time!).

We're now sitting around the house waiting on the wheel stork....he left the UPS distribution center at 2:20 this AM, and is "Out for Delivery". :taps fingers: Hope he delivers soon...I've got groceries to buy! :lol:

Updated the comments yesterday for the story on the truck roll-over. :shakes head: Sad stuff, that....
Calvin: Happy Dance

I am with wheel...

the wheel stork just delivered a box....I haven't opened it yet - we're eating dinner - but I will shortly. You *might* hear from me tomorrow.....:lol: We're hitting the grocery store early, then home...where I will be ensconced with my new wheel. Getting her broke in. Or something. :grin:

Pictures to follow.....if I can drag myself away from her.