January 5th, 2009

Disney: Jessica Rabbit

Back at work....

and man......it's good to be back; it's a lot less physical than the last 2 weeks, but...Ms boss is being weird. I mean - WEIRD. She was totally nice on the phone....something's up. :shrug:

My new SIL works for the gov't...and wants to get me on. I'm thinking....maybe/maybe not - the gov't's not in the best of shape right now, but the bennies are Fantastic......I dunno. Advice? :begging: I need to get the resume in shape anyway, just in case....but.......:sigh:

There was no school today - teacher in-service. Herself was thrilled....and bummed. She wanted to wear her hat! Today! Since it's 34* outside! (and Saturday was 78*.....that's Texas for ya!) Himself has decided that the R2D2 hat is what he HAS to have, or he just won't make it to his birthday...so I'm going to go pick up the missing yarn at lunch. :snicker: Yes, it HURTS to knit...but it doesn't look like my wrist'll ever get better, so I might as well suck it up and knit anyway. (The EMG didn't show anything, according to the doc......so, where do we go from here???? :sigh:)

Saturday, we got the equine medical box filled (finally!)....OH! We got a GREEN egg yesterday!!! I need to get pics of it (yeah, you've heard *that* before - but I gave you photos of the new wheel yesterday! Finally! :lol:), but it's neat. Sorta a bluey-green-ish thing. Looks odd with the brown/pink/spotted eggs in the refridgerator.

Yesterday, we hauled the extra sofa and the dresser in my room (the one I re-did) to the Women's shelter - I feel much better now that most of the extra, unneeded furniture is GONE. We still have some work to do - but most of the clutter is gone, gone, GONE. Need to tidy up the front room and my studio, then the whole house will have been gone over. The kids' rooms are still disaster areas....but hey - it's OK. Time for THOSE later.

Back to work!