January 7th, 2009

fiber: AA Production Wheel

It's Wednesday...

which means I have a lunch date with my hubby! :happy dance:

Got another green egg last night....I need to find some Turkey ham so I can serve Green Eggs and Ham :groan: and :lol:

Finished my Calorimetry - just need to find the "perfect" button. I'll be starting Himself's R2D2 hat tonight. (Don't ask about the wrist, OK? I've just decided to live with the pain, since it looks like nothing is wrong with it. :sigh:)

Sweet Geek has agreed to let me buy a prefabricated chicken coop, and get some more hens. I want a few more EE-ers (colored egg layers), and some white egg layers (so I can tell the boiled eggs apart from the raw ones)....probably 10 or 12 more hens in all. We'll see.....I just need to find the right coop. :grin:

I gave Dusty the first of his joint "wafers" last night. Most horses, when you present them with a treat, will sniff it suspiciously before daintily removing it from your hand...well, I had just gotten the wafer out, and offered to him. "Here" I said "let's see if you..........oh. Don't you want to, like, SMELL it before you gobble it down you silly brute?" I almost lost a finger...:lol: (He's spoiled, and is pretty sure I won't offer him anything not tasty. Jelly-bellies are a current favorite. :lol:)

Got a new phone system at work - I figured out how to set it up! Go me! :grin:

Not much else going on....