January 14th, 2009

Disney: L&S Dance with me

It's Wednesday...

so, of course, I have a lunch date with my man. :grin: The day is looking up!

There were actually 20 rockets in the tubs. There is also a *lot* of spare parachutes/shock cords/parts...so we're set to go. For $1. :shakes head in amazement: We've got plans for Saturday - there's an Indian Pow-Wow and Dance Circle we'll be taking pictures of - and we're going to run by the Hobby Shop so Himself can personally thank the owner for the bounty.

Spent last night working on the charts for my hat. I have them all worked out - She Who Shall Not Be Named (with the initials AS)'s Celtic Needlepoint book came in handy for the large motif. The border will be the wave pattern (like on the KnitPicks hat), the large motif is going to be a square knot, the medium pattern is a "chain-link" knot, and the small, top motif is this interesting star and bar type pattern. They all fit within the total number of stitches...but my row count will be off. My hat will end up a bit longer, but hey - that's cool with me! :grin: BTW, hand-graphing knots sucks...I spent more time erasing squares and changing the color than I did actually filling in the blasted things. :sigh:

Now, we wait on KnitPicks to actually SEND OUT my order. :sigh: I think I'll be calling them in a bit to see why they haven't....and to see if I need to spring for expedited shipping. I want to start my hat, dammit! :lol:

Supposed to be 60* today, and 41* tomorrow. We'll see...it's 32* right now. Yes, I'm cold. I *need* a warm hat.....:grin: