January 15th, 2009

me: portrait

Blah de blah de blah

Knitpicks still don't show my order as being shipped. :taps fingers: I'm almost done with Sweet Geek's sock (Finally! All that stockinette is driving me nuts! :lol:), and wanted to start the hat next. His cardigan is still on the needles, yes - but I can't pick it up and put it down easily - I get lost in the pattern, so need blocks of time for it. :sigh: Guess I'll just need to start a pair of socks for *me* while I wait. :lol:

I think we have the weekend pretty well planned. Indian Pow-Wow Sat. morning, then, weather permitting, fireing off some of the rockets. I think Himself has it all planned - which rocket to go first, etc. :snicker: General consensus is that we need more engines. (Ya think? :lol:)

Still not sleeping well. Was up every 2 hours last night. :sigh: Must pick up something at the store tonight, I think - I need my sleep!

There was a cat in the chicken yard last night. Need to fix the mesh top again. It'll have to be replaced when the weather warms up - 34* is NOT conducive to me pulling wire and stapling it down. :sigh: In the good news department, though, we're getting a green egg every other day. Saturday, it'll be green eggs and ham (if I can find some turkey ham, that is. :lol:)

Gotta write the office's checks, so - later!