January 16th, 2009

SW: miracleman

It's Friday morning....

and the weather outside is frightful. How's that for mixing song lyrics? :grin:

Am within 1" of starting the toe on Sweet Geek's #2 sock. Yeah...the socks I started before we headed to Terlingua last year. Yeah, my wrist hurts.....here's the deal:

I figure, the doc TOLD me to do range-of-motion exercises for a month. The same exercises that did no good before; in fact, they made the pain WORSE. So....if I am supposed to do something that wrecks my wrist more (logical conclusion, yes?), I might as well end up with something tangible out of it. Right? Right.

So....the kids each have a new hat. I have a cushy Calorimetry. Sweet Geek will have a pair of socks. Soon as my Knitpicks order comes in (STILL Hasn't shipped, that lying Customer Service girl....) I'll have a new hat. While waiting on my KP order, I'll knit up my xmess prezzie from my SIL - she gave me a pair of skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Socks Stripes, in "Funky Stripe" (google it...I can't take a photo - it'd break my camera. Seriously.) I LOVE wild socks....this yarn? Is....well......bubblegum pink and lime green. :shudder: My feet will be *heard* a mile away. :grin:

I'm thinking Cookie A's Monkey socks...we'll see. They should go fast - 64 stitches on Size 2s. :fingers crossed:

We're hoping there's no wind this weekend..the boys put together Himself's rocket-with-space-shuttles last night, and will be assembling Sweet Geek's rocket-with-helicopter-blades tonight. :silly boys: They want to watch things explode! :snicker:

More later - I wanna get this sock finished!