January 20th, 2009

Dr Horrible: Cpt Tightpants

I think I like the Monkey socks....

'cause it's just *falling* off of my needles. I turned the heel last night, and picked up the gussets stitches. Oh, my gusset stitches were things of beauty - both sides had the same number of stitches, there were no holes, they were *beautiful*....but the heel flap was too shallow. :bangs head:

I wasn't paying attention.....I did what the pattern said, and went to measure. Couldn't find my tape, so I used one of the guys' tapes.....I *thought* it was OK...but no. I need 2.5" on a heel flap to properly fit my instep. This flap, while lovely, and perfect (*and* had a heel on it!!) was barely 2". :sigh:

I left the ripping for this morning......it's all sorted now, and I'm adding to the flap length, but oh - the beauty of the former heel will haunt me. :lol:

Won't take long to get back to where I was, so that's good. Bad is that I need to set it down tonight and whip out a bookmark for Saturday's b-day bash. Ah, well.....the bookmark will go quick, and the socks are just practically knitting themselves, so.....there ya go.

Knitpicks STILL HASN'T SENT OUT MY ORDER. :grrrrrrrrrr: Guess I'll have a pair of socks before I have hat yarn. :sigh:

The keyboard on the desktop PC at home is dead. Dead, dead, dead. Sweet Geek is going to bring one from work.......we still can't print from the laptop, but the wireless network is secure now. We also can't backup the laptop yet.....:sigh:

On the good news side, though, Starbucks has their double-chocolate muffins again. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can't buy another for myself until February (they're THAT good and sinful), so.......still, they're nummy. I had one for breakfast this morning. :grin:

Back to the sock for a few minutes.....
me: portrait


Am 2 rounds from finishing the gusset on Monkey sock #1! They are just *flying* off of my needles...should I call them "Flying Monkey Socks"? (Or...OZ socks?? :lol:)

Knitpicks sent me a shipping notice - Finally! 8 days from placing the order! :sheesh:

I have a sock kit that I carry with me when I have a sock-in-progress. It is a leather pouch that's the perfect size to hold a ball of sock yarn, needles, stitch marker(s), nail file, index card with the pattern, and a darning egg. The only problem - I only have 1 darning egg that I like, and I don't want to maybe lose it somewhere (yeah, it's an AA - what can I say? :lol: Ya'll know about my AA addiction! :roflmao:). I have spent the last 45 minutes hunting another "perfect" darning egg.

Most darning eggs have a flat top - or they're mushroom-shaped. The mushroom ones won't fit in my pouch, and I *HATE* the flat topped ones - I can't get them situated right so I can kitchener toes closed. That's what took so long - finding a darning egg with a nice, rounded top.

Knitting Notions has them. They're a bit pricey - $24 - but...they're nice hardwood, and they're rounded. :sigh: Not as pretty as my AA, but functional, and they appear to be smaller than average - which will fit into the pouch better.

Thus ends your service announcement for the day. I gotta get back to my socks! :lol: