January 23rd, 2009

Calvin: Toilet


I'm home with a sick boy today - he's got the crud that's going around. Upper Resp., massive headache, fever, coughing....the doc says this is a bad viral that'll last 5 days. Fun stuff! He's current ensconced on the couch watching "Iron Man"...after we watched "Revenge of the Sith" and "Clone Wars" and all of the extras. (He's been up since 3 Am....and so have I.)

Monkey Sock #1 is finished!! My kitchner stitch sucks - need to practice - but the sock looks good anyway. #2 is CO, and I'm 3 rounds into the ribbing. The doc was impressed - he said he hadn't seen anyone knit socks since his Granny. :grin:

Got my new darning egg today - it's loverly. I was a bit perturbed at the price - but it's got all sorts of fancy carving on it. Very pretty, and the *perfect* size for my pouch and my sock toes. :grin:

Must run - time for some Tylenol for the boy! Plus, Sweet Geek came home early - whatta guy!