January 30th, 2009

Disney: L&S Caffeine

This hat...

is going quickly, especially since it's stranded. I'm almost to the first motif.....

The curling issue: Looked at it this AM. The portion I steam-blocked is still pretty much curl-free, only the first row or so wants to turn up. I need to learn how to do applied i-cord anyway, so this looks like the ideal project for *that*. :grin: (lemonaide out of lemons, yes?) I mean - the only part of the hat that is from the pattern is the shape..and possibly the ear-flap patterning (we'll see...I'm mulling over it right now), so what's the addition of some i-cord? It'll truly be a one-of-a-kind hat, that's for sure!

The jury's still out on the Palette yarn. It seems very under-plyed to me, and....almost insubstantial. For this hat, it's OK...for a lace shawl, I'd be afraid of the yarn unplying itself and drifting apart (seriously, I am fighting the urge to run it thru the spinning wheel, it's THAT bad.) It's soft, I'll give it that, not scratchy, and I'm thinking it may bloom a bit...but......:meh: Not sure I *like* it. If that makes sense.

Fell asleep last night by 7.....I was *tired*. I'm groggy today, but that's to be expected. Hopefully I can sleep again tonight.....:fingers crossed: