February 1st, 2009

pets: Heart few hours old

It's February.....

which means, of course, it's Ft Worth Fat Stock Show time! We went yesterday....and I am wore out today! Parking is at a premium - the close-in lots were full, but even so they were asking $6 - $10 to park. We found a shopping center about 1/4 mile away where we could park for free.....add in the fact that the grounds are HUGE, and you have 1 tired and sore Fiberaddict. (We walked from 1 PM to 5:30 PM...so, yeah. Tired.)

It was fun, though. Got to see lots of cows (my insurance agent's family raises some of the best Herefords in the nation..they're NICE.), sheep (they were nekkid!), goats (ditto!), rabbits (MY LORD, the Flemish Giants are HUGE bunnies! We saw one that was 23 pounds - and the owner said he was "a bit on the small side"!!), chickens, tractors, trucks, and so on. :grin: No fiber in sight, but that's OK - it was fun.

We now know what we need to find for the Kubota.....and how much it'll cost new (I don't THINK so. Craigslist, here I come!). We also priced barns.....ugh. Even the kits were pricy. We'll be thinking on that one.

The kids had never been, so they got to see what I used to do (back in the Dark Ages when I was seriously showing. :grin:) The horse classes we watched were Western, so....:yawn:, but still - it was neat to see the Show thru their eyes.

I'm going to go prop up my feet now, and work on my hat. I got....maybe 2 rounds done yesterday, so I gots some catching up to do!