February 3rd, 2009

Dr Horrible: Sarcasm

My tax dollars at work!

Sweet Geek had another "discussion" with the school yesterday. We sent in ANOTHER copy of the doctor's report (WITH the dx on it, thankyouverymuch!)on Friday, and he called yesterday to talk to the principal about it. He somehow ended up in the Special Ed department....where he was told that "her problem isn't Academic, it's Social, so....we can't help!" :bangs head:

Ironically enough, I received a 3-week FAILURE NOTICE in the mail last night. :insert hysterical laughter here:

Yeah.....my daughter was a straight-A Honor Roll student until she got in THIS school last school year (5th grade). She BARELY passed last year, and is on track to barely squeak by this year....I have requested an ARD meeting (basically a meeting with the Spec. Ed department) to get her back in the program, to get her an IEP - this was in EARLY SEPTEMBER. To say I am pissed off doesn't even began to cover it.

He's on the warpath now. :heh heh: He's just about decided to skip the School Board and go straight to Austin with this...we'll see. I'd like to see the councilor (who has thus far refused to do ANYTHING she promised me) to join the unemployment line, but that's not very charitable of me. I'm working on it. :arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh:

In other news, I am almost finished with the first motif on my hat. 3-color stranded knitting doesn't make for fast progress. :grin:

More later - maybe. I gotta calm down first.