February 4th, 2009

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

I...can't think like this....

The saga continues: Sweet Geek called the counciler yesterday, and..she basically sluffed him off. To the point that he said "F-this!" and called the Austin Headquarters. :evil grin: He's waiting on a call back - which I am sure he'll get.

Mom went in yesterday to have a meeting with the Math teacher. It's a sub, but she was very ameniable to actually - *gasp* - HELPING Herself. They have set up one-on-one tutoring, and she has asked for info on Asberger's so she can figure out other things to do. Wow - someone in the School System who actually gives a damn! :boggles:

Mom is going to take in the "Notice" we got (did I mention that? It's a Notice of Proposal or Refusal to Provide Services in Regard to Identification, Evaluation, Placement, or Free Apprpriate Public Education"...and I can't make heads or tails of it. According to the conversation Sweet Geek had, it's a Refusal to provide, since Herself "doesn't have academic problems, just social". :snerk:) to the Principal today, and ask her what it means. IF she says it's a refusal blah blah blah, Mom will present her with the 3-week Failure Notice we got, and ask her to explain. :snicker: She's also gonna drop the Weekly report from the math class (the failure notice is for Science), which shows her daily grades for LAST WEEK as: 40, 20, 40, 100, 53. Nope, no academic problems *there*, huh? (/sarcasm - they don't understand that word, anyway)

:sigh: Up until last year (5th grade), Herself was an Honor Roll Student. (Seriously - I have the certificates and everything!). This school has been HORRIBLE for her - and it's worse because the counciler *won't* do her job. All this could be prevented if she'd just help us find coping mechanisms for Herself....like, have the teachers collect her homework each day, instead of sending it home and expecting her to turn it in the next day (NOT gonna happen. She is too disorganized, and she can't help it. Believe me, I'm not making it up - she simply can't FIND things. Even right in front of her - her brain doesn't work that way.) She tests well - of course! She KNOWS what to do, she understands the concepts....she's failing because of her daily grades (which...is all homework driven. :sigh:)

We'll see what Austin does.....:fingers crossed:

In other, slightly more upbeat news: Himself is reading at a 6.4 level (that's 6th grade, 4th month.) He's in 3rd grade. :beams: Herself is doing more complex origami (hey, it's a reach, but it's cool!)