February 9th, 2009

Calvin: Faces

It's raining, it's pouring...

I made it into work! OK..that doesn't rhyme. Oh, well...:grin:

I did NO knitting at all yesterday - my wrist was just too sore. I really don't want to push it - yes, it's getting "fixed", but there's no reason to make it worse before-hand, right? I did CO a sock for Sweet Geek on Saturday, and get to the point of starting the pattern, but......:snicker: I just *can't* go without a sock on the needles, it seems. The fact that my hat is almost impossible to haul around has nothing to do with it....I am a sockaholic, and wear the badge proudly!

Both kids are now on the Lego Network. Lord help us all...at least it's a (so far) safe place for them to hang out online - you can't send anything but pre-written emails, they (supposedly) monitor it pretty heavily, and I haven't seen anything worrisome (yet). And it's all Legos.....so...y'know. :grin:

Off to do some actual work......:snicker: