February 10th, 2009

Calvin: Toilet

Well...THAT went well...

I have photos, of the monkey socks, my chullo, and my sock yarn stash. They're on the CF card, which is in my knitting bag, right here beside me. I have my card reader, also in the bag.

What's missing is the CABLE for said card reader :bangs head: I *finally* remember to actually *take* the photos, AND bring them, and...I think the cable is in the Jeep. :deep breath:

So...instead of the loverly photos I was gonna share...you get.....this. :snicker:

Ah, well.......

I bought a loverly basket yesterday (50% off!) to hold the newly expanded sock yarn stash. I thought, because it was SO MUCH larger than the former stash containment unit, that I was set....only, no. See, the former unit was an old picnic basket, with a lid. Apparantly, there is a black hole in it, because the stash *just* fit, and the lid closed. This basket? Over-flowing - and it's the SAME YARN that was in the old one. No new yarn, not yet. :oops: (Yeah....Sweet Geek ordered some *more* yarn. This set is "more manly" and suitable for *his* feet. :snicker: He's hooked....now to get him *knitting* :lol:)

Hopefully the cable is in the Jeep; if so, I'll try to upload the photos tonight. :sigh: If not, we gotta get a new cable before I can share 'em.