February 13th, 2009

pets: Heart few hours old

Pictures...I have Pictures!

OK...here's the latest jewel in our crown:

She has a *very* pretty head, and a gorgeous face! My icon is of Heart, the 2007 filly....this one is (dare I say it) even more typey.

Next to Magic, getting a quick nosh. She's pretty good sized!

Sorry I didn't get any good ones of her profile - she's very typey, with a small muzzle and wide forehead. Tipped ears - which I *love* - and a wonderfully curious expression. She's feisty, too - likes to buck when you scratch her tail. :grin:

I need to get more pictures...we got home at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, spent about 30 minutes getting the trailer hitched..and another 30 or so getting Magic on the trailer (Sugar-butt there was easy - Sweet Geek simply picked her up and put her onboard. :grin:) I rode in the trailer with them to the vet (my vet was out of town - Of Course! - so we went to the local one). Not too many problems - we only tried to jump out of the trailer 3x, we tried to lay down 2x, and we wanted a snack pretty bad, but I was able to keep her contained.

The vet was quick, and cheap - a whopping *$28* for the whole mare'n'foal check. :boggle: (Heart's first vet visit was $225, Starz's was $240 - thanks to the trip charge. I think I'll be hauling ALL new babies to this guy from now on!)

The ride home was pretty much uneventful - baby was on the same side as mom, so I had to hug the divider AND the baby (I have...interesting bruises. :grin:), but it was no biggie. They're both now in the round pen, enjoying the peace and solitude of Not Sharing Grain. :snicker:

More pictures will follow, I'm sure - she's a cutie!