February 25th, 2009

Disney: L&S Caffeine


finally got a minute - had to get the month-end checks done before i could "play". :grin: then i had to pay my bills...fun stuff, that!

elbow: feels infected. i've had a low-grade (99*-ish) fever since the surgery, but was told to ignore it (now, if it hits 101*, call immediately!)...so...yeah. i go in friday to get the stitches out - can't wait!

wrist: still no pain, except when i pull the stitches by accident. i can live with that!

sweet geek owns a new saddle. :lol: it's a crosby lynn palm prix de world model - he got it for a song! almost brand-new condition, it's loverly, and it's a 17" seat! (which is why it's *his* and not minehimself's. :lol:) it looks like it'll fit leah, so...that's good. i'll have him converted yet! (english saddles weigh less than western, and - for me - are more comfortable. not as much leather between me and the horse. ymmv)

am itching to get back to knitting - i need my hat, i want a new pair of socks, and....well, i'm really fixated on "vintage", the pattern by the tsarina of tsocks. i mean, i don't *need* it, the leaves'll drive me batty, i have enough yarn to knit funky socks for..well, months, but....i want those socks. i have "fiber festival" to do next, but...vintage is calling. so is 9 tailors...i'm sunk, aren't i? :lol:

lunch date with sweet geek today! he's been a gem thru all this recovery stuff - i don't know how i'd'a survived without him!