February 26th, 2009

Calvin: Faces

:ugh: and :yippee:

magnoliamoon, you were right - it *is* me on the ntif commercial - a family friend called my mom all excited 'cause "fiberaddict's on tv!" :lol: i need to try and watch "real" (non-PBS) tv to see if i can catch it. (that's the :yippee:)

for the :ugh:...we unwrapped my elbow last night. :shock: i thought it might be infected - i keep feeling a cold, slimy something running down my arm, and was worried something was going on. i'm wrapped from my fingers (think cast, here) to about an inch below my armpit.....we only unwrapped to the middle of my forearm (so i have no idea what my wrist looks like).....

oh.my.lord. i am black from about 3" above the elbow to about 3" below. the stitches run from about 2" above the elbow on the inside of my arm, snakes around the joint (not across it, like i thought), and runs about 2" along the outside of my arm. maybe 20 stitches (if not more - probably more, but i didn't count)...and it's *ugly*. :sob: i'm glad i'm not really a vain person....because this? is bad. sleeveless shirts are gonna be difficult for me now.

i'm amusing myself by pretending it was a bar fight or something. :lol: if i believed in tattoos (and could handle the pain of *needles* going *into* my arm - *on* *purpose*), i'd be setting up an appointment. it'd be a full sleeve one, though.....and i haven't even seen my wrist yet. (too upset to look)

ah, well - the wrist pain is *gone* (or seems to be), and the elbow pain, while bad, isn't as intrusive (or all encompassing) as it was. since that was the goal - no more wrist pain, i'm ok with the ugly scarring. i want to see if knitting will hurt....:grin:
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