March 3rd, 2009

fiber: AA Norwegian Wheel

Cold and Clear Tuesday...

well, it *is* March, after all. We can't expect it to be 80* yet (even though it HAS been, quite a bit. I'm gonna HATE June this year, I just know it!)

ritaspins37 pointed out that I haven't mentioned spinning. She's right...I haven't tried it yet. I have a demo this weekend, and...well, I haven't had a chance to sit down at the wheel. :sigh: I'm not worried - my left hand is the forward hand, so it doesn't do a *whole* lot anyway, and *knitting* doesn't hurt (yes, it's a sock. YES, I'm taking it slow - I did maybe 6 rounds yesterday, in the course of 3 hours. I want to knit, but I do NOT want to encourage more pain. So...slow.)

Speaking of socks, I pulled out my Tsock kit (Fiber Festival) last night for a read-thru. I got it sometime last year, and put it directly into the stash, because, somehow, I had the impression that it was knit toe-up (the lovely and talented Tsarina prefers toe-up, and most of her patterns are.) Imagine my surprise when I discovered the instructions are for a CUFF DOWN sock! (I had even gone on Ravelry to read any trouble-shooting/errata...and yup - toe-up. :bangs head:) Needless to say, it has been bumped up to next-in-line. :grin: (I've just about got Sweet Geek convinced that I need Vintage. Badly. It's toe-up....guess I'll need to just suck it up and try it. :giggle:) The Tsarina set me straight - it is cuff down, with a peasant heel. She said if the heel as written doesn't fit me, she'll talk me thru modifying it - how great is that?

See, I'm a heel-flap-and-gusset girl, because they fit my foot correctly. Short-row heels...don't. I've tried - both on the CSM and by hand, and the flap and gusset heel wins hands-down. I haven't done a Peasant Heel yet, so this will be fun.

I am band-aid free on the inside of the wrist....the outside is still seeping a bit. We won't discuss the elbow - it's about the same. I can flip my hand from palm down to palm up; I have NO up and down movement. It hurts to try and pull the hand back, but I am working on it. I think it's because it isn't fully healed yet, but.....yeah. Am going to keep working on it. I can start using balm on it Friday (counting down? Me? :lol:)

I guess I should pretend to work...