March 4th, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

It's Wednesday...

which means lunch date! Only, not, because Sweet Geek's work has lost power in half the building, and he (as IT) has to be there when the power comes back to "fix" all the problems. No biggie - if we can't do it today, we'll do it tomorrow. :grin:

Herself keeps getting into more and more trouble - she simply can NOT keep her mouth shut. :sigh: Himself is getting himself OUT of trouble, by volunteering to help. :grin:

Wrist....I think I tore some scar tissue yesterday. It's a good thing....but it HURTS to bend my wrist. (Not that I have a lot of up-and-down motion going on right now.) Kind of a burning, tearing sorta pain. :sigh: At least it's healing! I'm working on the up and down motions's just going to take some time.! :lol: Still painful to move it, and it's hard to rest it on a desk/table without pain. Nighttime is the worst - try sleeping without your elbow touching *anything* on the bed. :lol:

Got lots to do today, so I'd better get crackin'!
Dr Horrible: Fangirl

Shameless Plug... Aubrey of Goodies Unlimited has this....stuff she makes. The reason I called it "stuff" is because I'm not sure how to explain it - her Etomic-Balm is Miraculous!

I have some tenderness on my left hand - mostly along the back of the hand, but especially concentrated at the thumb up to the first knuckle of my forefinger. I rubbed some Etomic-balm on it 10 minutes ago....and the Pain Is Gone. GONE-gone.

I've got some Everything Balm awaiting me at the PO - she added some extra Vit. E. to it to help get rid of my scars - and I can't wait to start using it (Friday. Have to wait until Friday).

For all you equipment junkies, her Wood Beams is FANTASTIC - it's the ONLY stuff I'll allow to touch my AA wheels.

No affiliation, just a very happy customer who'd love to send more people her way. She also makes soap and lotions.....and her customer service is WONDERFUL. So are her products - AND they're green and Safe! (Zoey once ate an entire jar of Wood Beams - the only side-effect was solidified bisquick on my floor. Seems the Bisquick was attempting a coup; the Wood Beams joined forces and, well, Zoey had to do her duty. Silly dog managed to NOT open the jar; no, she split the bottom and licked the Wood Beams right out. I now keep the jar on top of the fridge. :lol:)

Go show her some love, OK? :grin: