March 10th, 2009

QOW: Angela

Reason # 4897 Sears is gonna go out of business

I STILL have no refridgerator. The repair center was called 3x yesterday, and an alternate number was provided. They were informed that the home # was NOT to be used (the voice mailbox has been DOA since Embarq took over from Sprint 1.5 years ago); the service rep parroted my cell # to me as the #1 alternate, so I *thought* we were OK.

The idiot tech called the HOME phone, got no answer, and cancelled my appointment. He did this 20 minutes AFTER the dispatch office had been given (AGAIN) my mother's cell phone, and told that yes, she had to leave to go pick up the kids, but 1) the gate is OPEN and 2) the neighbor would let him into the house. (Said neighbor wasn't IN the house, because he has cats. I have dogs that LOVE (to eat) cats. It's...yeah, fun when he comes over. :snicker:)

SO....Mom called them and chewed them out, to no avail. Nope, they won't inconvienience their reps by making them do calls after 5 PM (it was 4:30 at that point - just sayin'). No, no one can come out tomorrow - we only make calls for refridgerators on Mondays and Wednesdays. You have to reschedule.

I turned Sweet Geek on them. The rep told him someone would call him this morning to get someone out Today (TUESDAY). I said 'someone's lying!' which...pissed off Sweet Geek. (Hint: Don't piss off a Marine. It ain't pretty.) He called back......20 minutes later, he gave up, because apparantly, in India, when you say "The gate is open and I'll be Right Back" it means "Take the rest of the day off!" :bangs head:

Wednesday isn't really gonna work, since Herself has a doctor's appointment (and it CAN NOT be changed. It's for her meds...and we ain't gonna do without her meds. It's not pretty.) :sigh:

So...yesterday was wasted. The horses had to do without breakfast this morning, because Mom had to hang around the house waiting for the non-existant repairman to show up instead of picking up grain to feed the hungry multitude. (Which....the horses are more important, frankly.) I have lost all of Himself's asthma inhalers (you keep them in the 'fridge so they last longer - they have now all overheated and gone :puff:), ALL of the horse injectables (that's gonna be pricey to replace.....Procaine Penicillan ain't cheap. :sigh:).....Wednesday, Sweet Geek is taking off of work. So...he's lost a sick day for this.

When I worked for Sears (back in the late '80s) this sort of thing would NOT have been tolerated. It was drilled into our heads - WE were overhead, the Customer was PROFIT. Guess which was gonna be cut first? :sigh: Now? They don't care. (And me with a house full of Sears appliances. Next time one goes out, I'm heading to Home Depot. Screw Sears. I hope they go Ch. 11. Just sayin')

Yes, I'm ticked. I'll get over it....but the same thing happened when my diswasher broke (only then, the repair guy finally showed up, fixed it, and told me Next Time, *I needed to order the part and fix it myself*. Ummm.....why did I pay for a warranty, then?)

At least my Vintage kit arrived last night - I had some pretty yarn to fondle.