March 12th, 2009

fiber: River (Firefly) I'll Knit

It's raining, it's STILL pouring...

and I'm looking for pairs of animals to start lining up. Glad I didn't start the garden early - everything would be washed away now.

Fridge seems to be working alright. I am withholding judgement.

Had to run out and check on Sweet Geek's aunt last night - she wasn't answering the phone. The rain has knocked it out, it seems. She's fine - and the puppy's still cute. :grin:

CO sock #2 this morning. I am within about 1.5" of finishing #1...but need his foot handy to make sure it fits. Normally, I'd do the toe decreases every other round...I'm thinking for this pair (because of where the pattern ended) I need to do them every round. So, Sock Knitters, is there any reason I *can't* do the paired decreases every round? I don't care how it looks off the foot; I want it to be comfy and fit properly when worn. Suggestions would be most welcome!

Off to finish up the Corp. tax return...