March 13th, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

Still raining...

today we have a 100% chance of rain. :snerk: I keep checking to see if the kids have evolved to webbed feet. :lol:

Open House last night. Himself: all the teachers love him, he's smart, he has a few anger issues (yeah...we know. We're working on it!) Herself: Very bright, very creative, teachers all love her..and she should be taking AR classes next year (this, after she TOLD me she didn't qualify for them. :bangs head: Mom is calling the school today to see what we need to do to rectify this situation - she'll be bored out of her mind in a regular classroom.)

Sweet Geek told me to buy a pre-fab chicken coop yesterday. We'll see how it looks....eBay had them for $399/free shipping. Sounds like a lot of bucks, yes? But, look: we spent $250+ on materials for the current coop, plus all the time to cut out and assemble. We were going to have to get help this time (I can't do much for another 5 weeks - wrist/elbow still needs to heal), so..factor in drinks/food for a relative (or hourly rate for someone else) and.....the $399 doesn't look so bad. Besides, HE paid for it, so...:lol: (It's the Cumfy Pets deluxe coop if you wanna go'll hold up to 12 full-size hens. That's what my current coop said, and I have 20 in there. They only spend the nights in the coop, so it works.)

Once it gets here, I get to go find some more hens. I want 8 - 10 more; some laced Wyandottes and Ameracunas for sure, possibly some Leghorns. We'll see...

My insurance lady called yesterday - our half cow is at the butchers now. :snicker: We need to contact him to figure out *what* we want (steaks? Roasts? Ground? Yes, Please!)

Gonna go get my eyes checked tomorrow - I'm having trouble reading things with the current prescription. I'm thinking it's time for progressives :ick:...hope not, but I'm open to it. I found "my" frames at some of the online outlets, so I'll probably go that route. We'll see.....I just can't pay LensCrafters' prices. (In 2007 it was $750 for *2* pairs of glasses. For me. For single vision lenses. AND I bought the *cheap* frames - even my sunglasses frames were on sale! :boggle:)

Not much else to report - I have 2 more rounds on Husband sock #1, then it's FINISHED....I started the cuff on #2, and promptly had to frog a round back...seems I...erm......picked it up and knit the round BACKWARDS. :bangs head: (See, I'm not afraid to admit my mistakes! I laughed, eventually. :lol:)