March 18th, 2009

me: portrait

It's Wednesday....

but I don't have a lunch date. :sad: I *did*, but Sweet Geek found out this morning that a vendor is coming in at, no lunch. Ah, well - we had lunch *yesterday*, so it's OK. :grin:

Boots is a corker, she is. She's decided that the only purpose humans serve is to scratch *her* head and neck. Now. :snicker: She's not too interested in the treats they bring her - just the scritches.

Fed Ex told me last night the coop would be delivered Thursday.....this morning it's back to Friday. Whatever. :snicker:

Sweet Geek will be getting the garden plot ready this week. I'll be starting the seeds tonight....the garden will be in the back yard this year - the dogs will keep the bunnies out, and the fence will (hopefully) keep the dogs out. :lol:

Gotta get crackin!