March 25th, 2009

Disney: L&S Caffeine

It's Wednesday....

which means Lunch Date! :grin: It also means my co-worker is having surgery today on her right elbow.......they are gonna drill into the bone. :shudder: Prayers most appreciated!

Random stuff:

I got some good pics last night of the new hens, and the coop. Unfortunatly, I didn't get to take them off of the camera - I'll try to do that tonight. I want to write a review of the coop - I googled, and didn't see anything written about it, and that needs to be rectified. :grin: I kinda want some pictures to go with it,, maybe tomorrow.

Have 4.5 repeats to go on Husband sock #2. Then I can start on my Fiber Festival socks! And maybe the leaves for my Vintage socks! :grin:

Wrist: Very very owie. I pulled/ripped the outer scar tissue on Saturday, and I'm feeling it. Nowhere near as bad as before the surgery, so that's good.

Elbow - still can't set it down without pain. Feels like I have just 1 layer of skin between the nerve and the outside....hard to explain.

Didn't get the Thunderboomers's dark and dismal this morning, though. Fun stuff....